Your kitchen got these 5 moisturisers

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Beauty in it’s most natural forms is not only the easiest to achieve but also the most accessible. And, if you have been complaining about your ever-so dry skin, you will be surprised to know that the best moisturiser for your skin might be lying in your kitchen closet. Don’t believe us? Well, here’s a look at 5 natural moisturisers available in your kitchen!

Avocado: Many beauty and health experts recommend the avocado juice for soft, glowing skin. Avocado is rich in Vitamin A that essentially offers clear, beautiful skin. Apart from this, it is loaded with several other minerals like potassium, iron and copper that can collectively work wonders in giving your skin the right kind of moisture. You can simply mash up an avocado or two and apply it on your skin and rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. Avocado juice is also a complete energizer and can boost you up completely.

Bananas: They are rich in Vitamin A as a result of which, bananas help immensely in restoring dull and damaged skin. To give your skin some natural moisturizer, mash a banana and apply it gently all over your face, keep it on your face for around twenty minutes and wash it off with some lukewarm water. Additionally the Vitamin C present in bananas can help in giving your skin that natural glow. 

Grapes: The Vitamin E present in grapes retains the moisture in the skin and also helps in the rejuvenation of deal skin cells. Mash a handful of grapes and use cotton to apply it across your face. Wash after a while. For best results, apply it a few times a week. Also, due to the presence of antioxidants, grapes can act as a natural sunscreen.

Cucumber: Cucumbers restore moisture and maintain supple, healthy skin apart from several other benefits. Cucumbers act as a good moisturizer for the body and skin. Antioxidants delay ageing of the skin and thus keep the skin rejuvenated. Simply by keeping cucumber slices on the eyes at night can relieve the puffiness better than any medication as it contains vitamin C.

Coconut oil: Not only is it a natural moisturizer, it also acts as a make up remover, and a body scrubber. It sinks deep inside the pores, softens and moisturizes the skin completely, and also cleans away dirt and grime. Additionally, a coconut oil massage is recommended for strong and healthy hair.

Papaya: These are best known for retaining water and removing dead skin cells thus giving way to supple, glowing skin. If you have dry skin, mash a papaya with some honey for instant skin moisturizing and hydration. “Papaya is very helpful in combating dry skin problems. Raw papaya pulp is rich in antioxidants especially vitamin C which helps in moisturizing and brightening the complexion,” says dermatologist Dr Apratim Goel.

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