Virtual Admission Fair 2018 | A New Revolution In College Admission – Says More Then 200 College Chairman And Directors

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Virtual Admission fair is a gift to all students and colleges who have been finding it complicated and having many challenges, Virtual admission fair is a Platform Created on Virtual Reality and artificial intelligence by a tech company called ZRMindz Global Technologies PVT LTD based in Bangalore India,

This Platform Allows students to sit in the comfort of there home and apply to as many colleges as they want to for there preferred course and if they don’t have a preferred course or if they are confused the Artificial Intelligence will help them choose the right one, Students love this its user friendly and very easy admission Process Thus this Platform has received amazing response and an Impressive 11 lac plus students looking for admission have registered on this event,

More than 200 Colleges are participating in the Virtual Admission Fair and sources say that there are another 500 Colleges who will be participating in next 15 days, Colleges are considering this as a great platform and an amazing marketing tool and a transparent platform where there are no 3rd parties involved, “We are happy that something like this was created we spend so much of money for advertisement and other marketing activities and we see a very low ROI, however, using this platform we can market, Brand and also fulfil our admission requirement and we also have transparency we can track everything and we can keep aside all this third parties who we pay huge money for admissions” – said, Chairman of a College,

Here are a few links of college chairman’s and directors speaking about this platform:


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2 thoughts on “Virtual Admission Fair 2018 | A New Revolution In College Admission – Says More Then 200 College Chairman And Directors

  • May 26, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    Wonderful platform built precisely for the colleges which has reduced our time and effort in getting admissions.

  • May 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    One of the unique way of making admissions, I’m happy that there were no middle men involved and I have filled my requirements. Thanks to Team VAF


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