Vaastu Shashtra: How to step towards divine planting of plants?

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A plant is considered to bring in brightness and fortitude in one’s life. They not only captivate harmony and serenity in their surroundings, but at the same signifies growth and abundance in favour of the individuals around them.

Vaastu Shashtra lays down remarkable guidelines for divine planting of trees and plants in your ambience for this summer to keep your habitat positive and calm.

Few Pointers to keep in mind for the divine plantation at home as per Vaastu

South West is considered to be the Earth Corner as per Vaastu and is highly recommended to hold maximum weight in this direction, therefore one must cultivate all large, tall and bushy plants or trees like Pine, Coconut or Lemon tree in this region, as their growth will virtually represent rock support in life bringing consistency and fortune along with it.

At the same time one must ensure that these kind of large trees are not grown inside the house, but on the outer region of the home, preferably on the backyards, keeping a healthy distance away from the main part of the home, specially observing that its shadows do not fall on any part of the home.

Long Trees at the back yard of the home

1. Smaller Plants and shrubs like Holy Basil, Plum Blossom and Bamboo Plants with a height less than 3 feet are considered to be highly auspicious bringing lots of good luck with it and they can be best planted in the front side of the home towards the North, East or North East Zone.

2. Peony plants and roses are considered best to bond a relationship and bring in love between the couples. The best position for them to be planted is in the south west portion of the home.

3. Money plants are said to be the best source for increasing the physical money in your life and they are best grown in the south east portion of the home to bring in loads of good luck and fortune. One must be observant to grown them inside the home and not outside. These plants must be well maintained and looked after by watering and pruning them frequently. Do not allow them to get dry or wilted.

4. Plants like Cactus, Bonsai or any kind of thorny plants are very inauspicious as they characterise hurt and pain in life creating bad luck in families, therefore must be immediately removed from the homes.

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