Under work culture of Apple CEO employees seem unhappy

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A couple of days back Apple CEO Tim Cook gave an interview on wide-ranging topics. One of the things he mentioned was that how Apple employees were encouraged to stand and work. Well, it looks Apple employees aren’t too happy with their CEO. According to Glassdoor’s annual ranking of top 100 CEOs in the US, Cook was ranked at a dismal 96 th position. Incidentally, Cook was 53rd on the list last year but has fallen down 43 places within the space of 12 months. The ranking is on the basis of over 12,000 Apple employees that wrote reviews on Glassdoor. For the record, Apple has over 80,000 employees, so this survey is just a fraction of the total number of people at the company.

Other CEOs like Satya Nadella, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg got a much favourable ranking compared to Cook.

Lack of work life balance

However, it does give an indication that Apple employees aren’t too happy with the work culture under their CEO. Some of them did take to Glassdoor’s reviews section and highlighted several issues. A lot of the disgruntled employees complained about the work culture at Apple. Some of the comments read, “Work life balance is not the best” and “no work life balance, no growth opportunities”. It wasn’t all brickbats as over 600 people did say that Apple had a “fun work environment.” Though Cook might not be bothered about the comments from his employees, it’s not a nice thing to drop down so many places on the top CEO’s list.

While the employees might not be too happy, the Cupertino-based tech giant is gearing up to its annual launch event. Expected to be held in September, Apple is set to introduce three new iPhones this time. While very little is officially known about the devices, it is rumoured that Apple might just tweak its pricing strategy this time around. Whatever may be the case, we can safely say that Apple’s rumoured product line up will bring a smile on most of their customers’ faces as they are set to have more choices this time around.

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