Reasons why Samsung won’t have to update older phones anymore

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Google is known for rolling out timely updates to its smartphones. Along with this, the Android maker also asks different OEMs to push out updates for better user experience. However, not all the smartphone makers always follow Google’s timely update policy. Case in point: Samsung, that doesn’t always believe in rolling out updates for its old smartphones.

Yes, you read it right. Here’s some bad news from Samsung smartphone owners as the company has won a case where the court has ruled in favour of the company for not updating old smartphones.

Recently, a consumer association dragged Samsung to court for not offering software updates for its smartphones for at least four years after the launch and the court gave the ruling in favour of Samsung.

It should be noted that all the OEMs generally offer update for two years and only Google offer updates for three years after the launch. Software updates have always been an issue as the smartphone makers generally don’t roll out the updates on time.

The consumer association took the South Korean consumer electronics giant to court on the same concern, but the court gave the verdict in favour of Samsung and said that the argument put forward by the association is “inadmissible” because it referred to “future acts.” On the other hand, Samsung feels that the update cycle of two years is enough for the smartphones launched by the company.

The court, however, said that on some occasions Samsung can roll out software updates. For instance if in future if Samsung smartphone is affected by any malware and it can be fixed via software update then the company can always give the update.

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