Posting an emoji can be more fun than before

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Even the most special of emojis get lost among the flood of messages we receive each day. What about sending emojis by snail mail? If you have not tried it, log on to PostMoji, a Mumbai-based company, which 25-year-old Laksh Fomra unveiled on July 17 last year. All you have to do is select an emoji from the website and Laksh’s team turns it into a giant sun board cut-out (complete with a personal message) that’s sent by post. It’s to be cherished. 

This year, PostMoji is partnering with Manav Foundation (supports people affected by mental illness or personality disorder), so that you can send giant emoji postcards with a personal note addressed to a complete stranger who might be going through a rough patch. Here’s more from the man behind the start-up.

PostMoji involves physical delivery of emojis printed on high-quality sun boards. That’s bringing together the digital and a delivery system that’s centuries old. 

As millennials, we live most of our lives on the Internet, and we can turn any expression into a status, a picture, a caption or a text message. But I believe the world still craves real emotions. PostMoji is designed to be a constant reminder of that emotion you wish to express, and it leaves a very humane impact on anybody receiving it. 

At 25, I am at the cusp of being partly old school and partly millennial. While I am as dependent on technology as anybody else, I am also an out-and-out ’90s kid and love everything vintage, which includes my love for postcards. Having worked with tech start-ups for a long time, I saw how the virtual world was taking over our lives; we are just living from one notification on our phone to the next; it’s also turning our most real relationships, virtual. The biggest motivation that led to PostMoji was this realisation coupled with the fact that the real world needs a positive reinforcement.

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