Kuber Mindz- Here the magic of Artificial Intelligence begins

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The world has been progressing a lot since man began inventing and discovering aspects of life. What started with the discovery of fire has now led to invention of various technologies. Now, Artificial Intelligence has begun taking over the world. People have diverse views related to this. While some people think that AI will rob people off their jobs and create more unemployment, others think that AI will replace the way we think, live and work. To each, his/ her opinion holds true.

For the first time in India, a financial advisory company, Moneymindz leads this unique concept of reciprocate financial advisor, Kuber Mindz. through Artificial Intelligence, Kuber Mindz will interact with every individual and work out a solution to his or her financial problems.

This is an innovative step taken up by Moneymindz in order to bring awareness about finance among people which they are not much aware of. Many people, due to lack of knowledge and proper guidance, end up making several mistakes and lose money.

Kuber Mindz will address the issue and offer solutions. Moreover, Kuber Mindz gives advice for free!  Moneymindz was formed as eagerness to instruct individuals about financial planning and prevent people from making costly blunders which cost them all their savings.

Hence, in the comfort of your home just at your fingertips, you can join the conversation with India’s first interactive financial advisor, Kuber Mindz. You can, thus avail foremost financial counseling. This will be a step closer to preventing more financial disasters at a personal level.

The concept of Artificial Intelligence is welcomed worldwide and we are glad to see that in India too. You will cherish this contemporary conception that will prove to be a major platform for people who want to invest but are not sure and are frightened that they might lose money. It will provide relevant guidance which is suited for you rather than a “One Size Fits All”. You can clear all your doubts and be clarified. Irrespective of age, you can contact Kuber Mindz and ask your doubts without any hesitation. If you have just begun earning or are already earning, you don’t have to hesitate to talk to Kuber Mindz too.

MoneyMindz has bought forth this inventive concept among the people of our nation so that every Indian knows about Finance and Financial Planning. There is a positive feeling that this initiative of Moneymindz will help the people by and large.

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