Kapil Dev says, MS Dhoni has done a great job, but he is not 20 anymore

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Mumbai: World Cup-winning cricket captain Kapil Dev on Monday said that people expect under-pressure MS Dhoni to perform as he was during his early 20s.

Dhoni was heavily critcised for his slow batting approach during the ODIs against England  this year, but Kapil defended the 37-year-old saying he has done a ‘great job’.

“I think whatever he has done, he’s done a great job. But I think the bad part is we are expecting the same 20 or 25 years old Dhoni, which is not going to work,” the 9-year-old said to NDTV.

“He has experience, if he can help the team with his experience, it’s well done. But one thing everyone should understand that he is not 20, and he is not going to be 20 again. So whatever he brings to the table, if he can make himself available and he can play good cricket, he is an asset to the team. Only his fitness is important and I wish he keeps on playing more matches,” continued Kapil.

Meanwhile, he termed current captain Virat Kohli as a special player.

“I think he is a special person, a special player. I think certain people are special and he is one of them. The people who have talent and are ready to work hard they become superhuman. So I think he is talented and disciplined and that makes him what he is,” the 1983 World Cup-winner said.

When asked if Ravi Shastri was the right man to coach Team India, Kapil said, “If the captain and the team is happy, why should we question somebody? I don’t like to question which I am not related to, I do not like to answer because I do not know what is happening inside. If the team is happy and he is doing a good job, good luck to him.”

Dhoni made way for youngster Rishah Pant in the recently-concluded T20Is against West Indies and also the upcoming T20Is against Australia Down Under.

However, Dhoni, who retired from Tests in 2014, continues to be an integral part in India’s ODI set-up as they build-up towards next year’s ICC World Cup in England.

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