Here are 5 monsoon Vastu tips for holistic healing

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Shower of Rains are way of Universe to detox their space and their O- Zone layers and it’s a blessing in disguise to the Earth for cooling down from the unbearable and immense summer heat. Monsoon is the best time for rejuvenating all aspects of earthy elements in life. There is a unique connection between rains and positivity which ultimately cools down your inner obstacles and allows you to set free with the pleasing nature. It is universally believed that rains have an ability to cherish a normal glooming day with love, happiness and excitement which also invites positive mirth in one’s life.
In this drama happening between the sky and the earth to connect with each other, we tell you how one can benefit from the Monsoon rains…

Detoxing your Negative Emotions
Rain Showers washes the earth and makes everything fresh and clean. Same way Monsoon is the ideal season to detox you’re negative thoughts, element you fatigue due to summer heat and makes you more vibrant and charming.

The Most effective way to detox your negative emotions lays in the secret of rain water elements. Rains are the water element and water represents beautiful blends of emotions.

The first 6 showers can be highly detoxing. Something that one needs to get rid from their space, can be written in a piece of paper and burnt and the ashes can be washed under these first few showers …it will help universal support to dissolve that negative emotion from your system soon. Detoxing yourself not only makes you look energetic but it also helps you to be mentally and healthy, providing boundless energies.

Secret of North East

As per the ancient Vastu, North East section represents the element for Water and is the best section to serve you good health, finance and abundance. The windows in the home should be in the North East direction which symbolises success in business. During monsoons, one can consciously keep the North and the East section of their homes open after the first few showers are done to allow the positive energies to flow in along with the fresh rain water inside the home. The natural flow of water flowing in this direction can be auspicious and start bringing good luck as well.

One must ensure to cover and block the South East and West direction of the home to avoid the rainwater falling in this direction. Monsoon brings good luck if we allow the good energies from the right direction. Allowing rain waters on the South East section of the home is meant to be inauspicious. As South East represents fire and there is no combination between water and fire. Water has a power to diminish the good aspects of fire which can adversely effect on persons health.

Monsoon bring with it a lot of joy & happiness, one can choose to connect with their loved ones for reviving or mending their relations during this season for getting maximum universal support. One must honestly express their most vulnerable emotions and not worry about the outcome, express them and leave it to the universe to deal with the rest. Whatever happens will be for higher good.

Ancestral Healing

It is also a great time to connect with the spirituality and heal ancestral aspects like unresolved problems, emotional issues and dramas. Bathing with the rain water for 11 consecutive days by immersing 11 tulsi leaves in the bath bucket can begin the healings providing several positive energy patterns & relieve from family curse / patterns of emotional wounds.

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