Google launched it’s first WeChat mini program in China

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Google is working on mini-programs for WeChat app in China which will be available for download through the messenger despite that from PlayStore or App Store. The first program comprises a sketching game in which players tie up with AI and compete against their friends.

The Tencent owned messaging platform WeChat is one of the highly used digital resources for people in China as it is used for almost every smartphone-oriented purpose such as paying bills, online shopping and food ordering. This has made WeChat become a companion of hundreds of millions of Chinese inhabitants.
Undoubtedly, Google finds China a lucrative market when it comes to WeChat and the first app it will link with the messenger involves painting and music which optimises AI engine, as stated by Google blog for China. The blog also consists of a QR code for downloading the program.

The sketching game may be Google’s first step to test waters for the future collaboration with WeChat in order to roll out more mini-programs through the messenger. Earlier, Gooogle launched the Files Go Android app which could be used for controlling the files within the phone. For doing so, the tech company had to concert with four third-party app stores.

Google has an office in Shenzhen along with a lab in Beijing. Moreover, this September will see Google setting up its startup demo day event in Shanghai. The search giant is certainly eyeing potential in the Chinese market which is perhaps making it execute all the possible moves to enter in the country.

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