From new revenue sharing deal New Zealand cricketers to witness increase in earnings

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New Zealand cricketers are set to make major gains in their earnings after the players association and New Zealand Cricket struck a new revenue-sharing deal on Thursday.

The new deal will see New Zealand’s cricketers get 26.5% of the total revenue generated over the next four years, which is a 16% increase from their previous deal.

David White, the New Zealand chief, spoke extremely positively about the new deal. “I just want to congratulate everyone involved in the constructive manner in which the entire process was conducted,” he said according to report on Cricbuzz.

“It was evident throughout that all parties shared a common interest in striking an agreement that was fair, progressive and good for the overall game in New Zealand.

“There has been strong and robust discussion throughout the process, as you’d expect with such a significant document – but the overall tone has been one of cooperation,” he further said.

Heath Mills, the players association chief was also pleased at the way negotiations went. “I’d like to acknowledge the spirit in which NZC and the Major Associations entered the negotiation process,” he said according to the Cricbuzz report.

“At all times, we’ve felt respected and treated as an important and valued stakeholder in the sport. It’s great to see all parties so well aligned and moving in the same direction.”

The next priority for the board will be to sort the contracts for women cricketers as the deals expire in July next year and the board is looking to run both men’s and women’s deals concurrently.

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