Expert Seller Reports 41.52% Lead Conversion

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Expert Seller proudly, announces 41.52% lead conversion for 2nd quarter for all the leads transferred to its paid associates. Expert Seller is an app based platform which helps customers to find the right service providers for all their financial needs like Insurance, Loans, Tax planning, Real Estate and all other financial products, Leads or potential customers is the basic need for any business and in the financial market finding the right prospective customer is a huge challenge having said that Expert seller has been helping more than 23,000 professionals in their sales by providing them with prospective and genuine leads of interested customers who want to purchase this product after providing them financial advise through its unique portal and after the financial advise the customer gives his consent to forward his detail to a service provider in his city, through its unique engine and conference concept, leads are distributed to all the service providers at a mere referral fees of 50-1000 INR,

Expert Seller Has reported that its conversion ratio has exceeded the expectation in the market and has delivered a promising number which stands to be the best in the industry here are the below numbers,

Distributed To Over 4800 Associates

Expert seller is thankful to the associates who believed in its potential and purchased leads giving a chance to the company to prove its commitment towards work and service. Helping the associates flourish their work and fulfill the required work targets.

Mohammed Haseeb  – CEO and Founder Data Management Said, As it can be seen that even though associates get a huge number of leads to connect, very less conversions were done at the end due to various reasons and skills of the salesman however we were committed to achieve the best numbers in the industry So we decided to take it up and committed ourselves to bring out a new concept of call conference where a customer is directly connected to the service provider over a conference line with our team being on the phone which will help the service provider to understand the customer better and judge the customer even before he buys the lead and it worked and thus the conversion ratio increased,

He also said we are happy and proud of this achievement however we want to maintain this consistency and make sure we are always committed to deliver outstanding numbers even though we don’t guarantee any conversion ratio to the associates we always keep trying to add value and ROI to all our associates and many associates are and have their monthly subscriptions with us and we are there the only source of lead provider However as a company it’s very hard to keep all the customers happy but we are committed are working at various steps to bring back all the existing associates who have left us and hopefully in coming days we will see a good number of associates taking part in our monthly subscription model we will soon introduce some amazing offers to over existing associates “Try before you buy” and win their trust back,

Expert Seller would like to thank every associate who believed in the efficiency and the expertise of the company and purchased leads looking forward to earning maximum profit possible. Keeping in mind the associate’s trust and faith upon the company, Expert seller left no stones unturned to provide maximum lead conversion. The hard work and dedication paid off when expert Seller successfully could report 41.52% lead conversion leading to a great business for the associates. Expert seller ensures to provide such excellent services to the associates for the rest of future as well.

Any associates require more information can leave a miss call on – 9222314314


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