Apple’s rumoured hybrid laptop details revealed

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Apple’s rumoured hybrid laptop has once again made it to the news. This time some more information about the mysterious device has popped up in relation to its processor. Citing some sources, DigiTimes has reported that the processor for the upcoming device will be made by Pegatron.

Although the details are not yet out, it has been mentioned that the rumoured Apple device will be a mix of iOS software and macOS-based hardware. It is also said to be the company’s first ARM-based 12-inch MacBook. This is likely to enhance the performance and deliver a longer battery life. It is worth adding that Apple Macs have been using Intel chips ever since 2006.

Previous reports reveal that the device is codenamed as ‘Star’ and has a model number of N84. The Apple ‘Star’ device is currently said to be in prototype stages. Also mentioned is that few testing units have been shipped to the company’s main office in Cupertino, US. Some of the prototypes have been under production since January this year.

Some of the features the device is said to include are a touchscreen, a SIM card slot, GPS compass and will be water resistant. It will also have EFI. EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface), which is the boot system used by Mac machines.

The device sounds like a completely new device from Apple but nothing is concrete for now so everything should be taken with a pinch of salt. The product is said to hit the shelves some time in 2020.
Talking about Mac devices, lately, Apple has been facing some legal trouble over its MacBook Pro laptops. The company is facing two class action lawsuits over alleged faulty keyboards in these laptops.
Two lawsuits have been filed against Apple over the use of “butterfly switch” keyboards on MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Defendants claim that the keyboards are defective.

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