A study says drinking orange juice could lower risk of dementia by 50 per cent

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A new study now suggests that drinking a glass of orange juice every day could significantly lower one’s risk of getting dementia.

Researchers tracked almost 28,000 men for two decades to examine how their fruit and vegetable consumption affected their brain power.

Study found men who drank a small glass of orange juice were 47 per cent less likely to have difficulty remembering, following instructions or navigating familiar areas.

Lapses in memory, understanding and episodes of confusion can be early signs of brain decline which can ultimately lead to life-threatening dementia.

While there is no cure for the condition, scientists have been trying to find a cure for the memory-robbing disorder for years.

This new evidence reiterates the importance of a healthy diet in staving off the degeneration of the brain which comes with old age.

Lead study author Changzheng Yuan said long-term intake of veg, fruit and orange juice ‘may be beneficial’ for maintaining cognitive function.

Participants in the Harvard University study answered questionnaires about what they ate every four years.

Overall, 6.6 percent of men who ate the most veg developed poor cognitive function and performed badly on the tests, compared with 7.9 percent of men who ate the least.

Fruit consumption, overall, didn’t appear to influence the risk of moderate cognitive problems but drinking orange juice did, according to the research, published in the journal Neurology.  

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