A smartphone with 9 cameras coming soon

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After smartphones with triple-lens camera like the Huawei P20 Pro, soon there could be a phone with a 9-lens setup. A startup called Light, which made headlines after showcasing its 16-lens camera system is now working on launching a smartphone with a 9-lens camera setup. The company showcased a prototype of the 9-lens camera smartphone to The Washington Post.

While we have already seen how cameras with two or three lens are put in smartphone, the big question arises as to how does the company plan to accommodate all the 9-lens on the back of a smartphone? The prototype revealed a circular arrangement of the lenses in a solar system kind of arrangement. The sizes of the lens vary giving a haphazard look.

How will the camera work?

All the 9 lenses will be used to capture information regarding the subject related to the lighting, depth, colour, etc. This photographic information will then be processed by an algorithm to stitch a superior photograph. The report claimed that the smartphone will be capable of producing 64MP images and will offer superior lowlight and depth effects. It can even replace traditional DSLR cameras.

As far as the pricing of the smartphone is concerned, the device will obviously be expensive. “A stand-alone camera from Light with 16 lenses costs $1,950,” said the report. Foxconn is one of the investors of the company. While there is no fixed date as to when the smartphone will be launched, the report claimed that it could be launched later this year.

While smartphone with 9-lens cameras is not far away, companies are also looking at introducing smartphones with foldable displays. In another news, Samsung is set to get into the mass production of the foldable OLED display as per a report by ETNews. The report citing industry sources said that Samsung Display is planning to build a pilot line in Asan, Korea for the production of foldable OLED display panel and will enter into operation soon after that.

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